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Moving Companies in Orlando FL – The Difference Between a Low-Cost & Pro Moving Team

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Moving Companies in Orlando FL – The Difference Between a Low-Cost Provider & Pro Moving Team

moving companies

When shopping around for moving companies in Orlando, Florida, the worst thing you can possibly do is choose the cheapest provider. Sure, you’re looking do save money – as much as possible. But if you don’t do your due diligence and go with the least expensive crew, you may end up with an astronomical bill at the end of your big day. Since no two moving companies in Orlando, Florida will offer you the same kind of service, it’s best to take the time and consider what you want from your movers.

Amateur Vs. Qualified

Since an amateur team may not necessarily be licensed, make sure to check up on all potential candidates to ensure they’re qualified and certified to oversee your relocation. The BBB, online reviews and website ratings will also clarify if you can trust them. Professional moving companies in Orlando, Florida, on the other hand, are normally licensed and have high reviews and ratings.

Last-Minute Chaos Vs. Planned In-Advance Move

One glaring difference between low-cost providers and pros teams comes down to how they treat your move. Is it more of last-minute chaos or planned well-ahead of time? An expert team will plan everything in advance in an effort to be efficient and seamless. On the other hand, amateurs typically never plan anything ahead of time, which leads to a move that takes a lot longer.

Ever-Changing Rate Vs. Clear, Detailed Quote

Usually, professional providers offer clear, detailed quotes, so customers have a good idea of how much their move will cost when all is said and done. However, low-cost providers tend to provide low-ball evaluations to bait you into hiring them, only to up the final price to sometimes two or three times their initial fee. As well, pro teams often offer a guarantee for their work – amateurs don’t.

Unknown History Vs. Long List of Referrals

When asking for proof of past satisfied customers, an expert team will have no problem whipping out a long list of referrals for you to contact. Trusted movers are trusted for a reason. Amateur or low-cost movers, however, may skirt this question and try to avoid giving you proof of happy customers – because they may not have any!

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