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Top 10 Things to do in Melbourne – A List From Local Movers

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Melbourne Beach

Top 10 Things to do in Melbourne


Situated close to Indian Lagoon, Melbourne, FL boasts of various exotic wildlife, a plethora of golden beaches, and unsurprisingly, a wide range of water activities. Not only is it immensely popular with tourists, but it’s also quickly becoming a haven to residents who are looking for a greener, warmer climate. If you’re considering moving to Melbourne, FL, then check out the following list of budget-friendly suggestions.

1 – Liberty Bell Memorial Museum

In London, in 1951, the Liberty Bell was cast by the Whitechapel Bell Foundry. Honor America has been using the Liberty Bell Memorial Museum as an anchor, a symbol of its focus towards education.

2 – Sea Turtle Preservation Society Sanctuary

The Melbourne Beach Committee routinely invites locals and tourists to help keep the turtle population clean and safe, as it is in a critical state. Sand dunes are the turtles’ breeding ground, so the best time to see them is at night, while they’re breeding and laying eggs.

3 – Manatee Cove Observation Park

Check out the spy manatees in the wilds of their natural environment at Manatee Cove Observation Park, a relaxing, peaceful location. For the fishing enthusiasts out there, you can take the nature trail around the lagoon and try your luck along the shoreline.

4 – Moving in the Park at Brevard County

In the Brevard baseball park, you can have a great time with the family at free screenings of movies. Appropriate for all ages, you do need to bring your own blankets and chairs for your comfort.

5 – Lagoon House

On the Indian River Lagoon National Scenic Byway, you’ll find the Ted Moor-head Lagoon House education center. The exhibits primarily focus on the environment of the seas and history.  You can also enjoy the glorious view from the location.

6 – Rossetter House Museum

Rossetter House, listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1989, is the perfect example of Florida’s past. At the museum, you’ll get to know the people who called Rossetter House their home from the late nineteenth to the early twentieth century.

7 – Foosaner Art Museum

Tripled in size since it opened its doors in 1978, the Foosaner Art Museum houses a permanent collection with more than 3,000 pieces, all collected since its inauguration.

8 – Melbourne Community Orchestra

With an aim to educate the young individuals of the area, the Melbourne Community Orchestra strives to raise awareness for the appreciation of music. They do so by providing the city with free public events.

9 – Turkey Creek

The creeks, which is managed by Palm Bay City, has a nature trail boardwalk through the 130 acres sanctuary. You can just imagine the breathtaking views at such a place! With the majority of the trail overlooking the creek, you can also pass through moist (mesic) and wet (hydric) hammocks.

10 – Melbourne Beach Pier

Built in 1889, Melbourne Beach Pier is by far one of the best locations to watch the sun as it sets. Inducted as a U.S. National Register of Historic Places, you can also fish at the end of the pier.

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5 Ways to Deal with Moving Stress

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Tips From Your Local Moving Company in Melbourne, FL

If there’s one thing we’re well-aware of at Florida Moving, it’s that relocating an entire family to a new location is unbelievably stressful. Think about it – you’re leaving your old life behind, saying farewell to loved ones, and starting anew somewhere else. Is it an emotionally-straining challenge? Definitely. But, it can also be an exciting adventure. With this goal in mind, our moving company in Melbourne would like to present the following 5 tips to reduce the stress that comes with moving, so you can turn this situation into a positive experience.

1 – Positive Mindset, Positive Experience

When you chance your mindset from negative to positive, it can really chance the outcome of your move, turning it from a stressful event into a means to be productive, declutter, and start afresh. And, yes, it can also be a completely cathartic experience as well, a transformative opportunity to purge the old and grow into the new.

2 – Get to Know your New Home

With a little bit of research online, you can get to know your new home. Research your favorite types of places, be it coffee shops, jogging trails, trendy eateries or museums. However, instead of coming up with a completely new routine for your new town, consider sticking to your usual routine, but add some new twists. For instance, if you like picking up coffee before work, then look up a few places you’d like to try out. Usually go for a jog most mornings? Then, do so, while getting to know an interesting new trail.

3 – Reduce Stress by Staying Organized

Without a doubt, you can reduce a ton of stress by planning out your move and staying organized. Clear out items you no longer need, selling them at a garage sale or donating them to charity. Start packing ahead of time, categorizing your belongings, using labels to clearly identify everything in your containers and boxes. If you’re really worried about this step, our moving company in Melbourne offers packing assistance to simplify your move.

4 – Use Premium Supplies

While it may be tempting to use those free boxes from the grocery store, chances are they’re structurally unfit. Instead of taking a chance on them anyway, ask your movers for premium supplies that won’t let you down when you need them the most.

5 – Unpack as Soon as Possible

Don’t put off unpacking for too long because the mess makes you stressed. Get that stress under control by attacking the boxes and furniture scattered about your new home. Yes, moving is indeed disruptive, but the sooner you put everything in place, the sooner you’ll feel better – and ready to take on your new life!

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