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Packing To Move Preparation | Florida Moving Systems, Inc

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Packing-prep-fl-movePacking Prep

When packing yourself, have everything properly packed and ready for loading the evening before moving day.  Leave out only the things you’ll need that night.  the next morning, and immediately at your destination for last-minute packing. Basic guidelines to make packing a snap:
  • Make a schedule, allowing enough time leading up to moving day
  • Pack items in the basement, garage, or attic first – these items usually aren’t needed right away
  • Stay organized by packing room by room
  • Designate work areas in each room
  • When a room is completed, sort cartons by light, medium and heavy – limit your heaviest cartons to 50 pounds each
  • Clearly label cartons or items that you do not want to transport on the van

Pack For Success

It’s recommended that your Florida Moving Systems, Inc. (North American Van Lines) pacer handle the following:
  • Marble or glass tabletops, heavy wall ornaments and mirrors 40″ x 60″ or larger
  • Pool table
  • Bulky, fragile items like large trophies, statues, chandeliers, etc.
  • Major appliances
Your self-packed cartons will need to be inspected by your packer before they can be loaded.  If items are improperly packed or cartons are susceptible to damage, they may need to repack them before thy can be safely transported. Here are a few more suggestions for a successful pack:
  • Empty drawers of breakables, spillables, non-transportable items and anything that would puncture or damage other items
  • Keep all parts or pairs of things together – for example, curtain rod hangers, mirror bolts, and other small hardware items should be placed in plastic bags and taped securely to the article to which they belong
  • Pack small, fragile, individually wrapped items separately or a few together in small boxes, cushioning with crushed or shredded paper.  Place small boxes in a single large bx, filling in spaces with crushed paper
  • Put a special mare (the number 1, or the letter A) on cartons you want to unpack first at your destination