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5 Clever Packing Tips

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Use a plastic garbage bag with a draw string to pack up your closet. Then you can go directly from the old closet to the new, while keeping you clothes organized. Total time saver! Not to mention all the boxes you will save. Its the greatest trick ever.


Layer your plates between Styrofoam plates.  This makes life SO much easier, because not only is it easy to pack, it’s a snap to unpack, and they’re perfectly protected.




Moving Tip – Packing Tape As Nut and Bolt Holder: Gather loose bolts and nails for furniture, etc. by sticking them to a length of packing tape and layering another piece on top; label what they go with. (They eavesdropping even go in a little Ziploc) You can even tape them to the furniture piece, wall art, etc. so you don’t have to search for them after the move.



Press’n Seal Saran Wrap is your friend!  simply wrap your jewelry box up in this sticky stuff and then pack it away in a box.  When you get to your new home all you have to do was unwrap it and hang it up.  No having to fuss with each piece of jewelry.  So easy!!


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